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Volunteering with Vision Credit can be a very rewarding experience. Giving back to those who are less fortunate can lift the spirits and make you feel good. Many of our volunteers love the camaraderie of working together, finding fellowship with friends while helping others. We also are excited to see the reactions of those we help.

We want to say THANKS to the volunteers that have helped us give back! We certainly could not do it without the support that we get.

If you would like to consider volunteering, please contact us at (919) 338-0882.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

What better way to give back than to help low income families with income tax preparation. In addition to saving them hundreds of dollars in fees (our service is free) we can help eligible families receive relief through tax credits, including the earned income tax credit.

Training is provided by our local IRS SPEC (Stakeholders, Partnerships Education and Communication) representatives. They train us and provide support throughout the year.

New volunteer tax opportunities are available each year. Training begins in November, and tax preparation ends in April. Please contact us at (919) 338-0882 to request information on volunteering for free tax preparation.

Career Coach

We are currently looking for one or two individuals that would be willing to volunteer as a career coach. Very few of our clients are unemployed. Most are underemployed and simply need a higher paying job, or perhaps one with health insurance.

Clients would be provided with your contact information. We are looking for people willing to provide feedback on their resume, provide direction for a job search and lend your knowledge about interviewing procedures.

If you would like to be considered for a career coach, please contact us at (919) 338-0882 or toll-free at (800) 379-4720 to apply.

Wealth Coach

Wealth coaches are trained by partners of the America Saves national campaign. You can help motivate people to begin a savings plan. Saving is the single most important tool that low income families can use to eliminate their dependence on short-term credit and to build wealth. Saving can help them prepare for homeownership.

If you would like to find out more about the America Saves campaign, visit Vision Credit is a partner, and we are active participants in the North Carolina Saves campaign. To speak with the Regional Coordinator about becoming a wealth coach, contact Kenneth Long at (919) 338-0882.