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Attorney General Settles With Hess Kennedy

November 26th, 2008 by Kenneth Long

Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum announced a judgment that effectively bars Laura Hess from providing debt settlement or debt management services. This is in response to a lawsuit originally filed in February, 2008 by the Attorney General against Laura Hess and her affiliated companies.

This judgment affects all affiliated companies of Laura Hess, including:

  • Laura Hess & Associates, PA
  • Hess Kennedy Chartered LLC
  • The Consumer Law Center LLC

Many consumers have expressed concern that they had deposited substantial balances with The Consumer Law Center as a part of their debt settlement program. Those deposits were in jeopardy amid allegations that some funds were transferred from the company to another related company.

Receiver Daniel J Stermer has been tapped to sort out the dealings of these companies and to return funds to the customers of Laura Hess. The companies were ordered by a Broward County judge to be liquidated so that refunds could be paid.

Attorney General Bill McCollum had some strong statements regarding the bold actions taken against Laura Hess:

Instead of the assistance they were promised, thousands of cash-strapped consumers found themselves even deeper in debt. By shutting down these operations, we’re sending a strong message that the Attorney General’s Office will not tolerate scam artists who prey on the vulnerable.

Some of the claims were that Hess Kennedy and The Consumer Law Center could settle debts for pennies on the dollar. Allegations also were made that consumers were told that they did not have to pay creditors because they were enrolled in the debt settlement program. Many consumers consequently faced judgments from lawsuits filed by their creditors, of which they received no representation by their debt settlement companies or their legal representatives.

Capital One has announced that they would cancel the credit card debt of 18,000 former cardholders that had defaulted on their debt as a part of their debt settlement program with Hess Kenndy and The Consumer Law Center. HSBC will also forgive the balances of 6,000 victims of Laura Hess and her companies.

These forgiven debts will certainly be good news to the thousands of affected debtors that fell victim to this rogue debt settlement scheme. Although the debts have been forgiven, those that have their debt forgiven should still be prepared for additional tax liabilities if they receive a Form 1099-C as a result of the forgiven debt.

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For updates on refunds to clients of Laura Hess & Associates and related debt settlement companies, see the receivership update. The receiver is providing regular updates on the process as well as additional information on claims for refunds.

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101 responses about “Attorney General Settles With Hess Kennedy”

  1. A. E. Macias, Esq. said:

    I went to law school with Laura Hess and all of us in the south Florida legal community who know her have been closely following these updates. We are all amazed that all Ms. Hess has received, so far, is a slight slap on the wrist ($8800 in restitution to the Bar for investigative fees, 5 year disbarrment, possible restitution to clients – good luck finding $20 million likely stashed in off shore accounts!!). She should be PERMANENTY disbarred for her fraudulent conduct and certainly prosecuted and thrown in jail for her criminal conduct. It’s the few like Ms. Hess that give the majority a bad name…

  2. Dan Lloyd said:

    Where does Ms. Hess live. We would all like to meet her to discuss some issues!

  3. angela mohammed said:

    I just asking for all my money i paid to credit protection. i had al faith in them, but they took from the poor to pay the rich. i work very hard for my food. people like you all should be in one country althoughter so you can rob one another.

    i have sent my proof of claim and i am out of 2,000 dollars. still i am getting bills from my creditors. what d i do. they where promised by consumers that will pay the bill.i need my money now. when will receive it. desperate.

  4. Debt Settlement Company Reviews | Vision Credit Education, Inc. said:

    This link contains additional information regarding the shutdown of the Hess Kennedy companies.

  5. Debt Settlement is the Biggest Debt Relief Scam | Vision Credit Education, Inc. said:

    […] pool your money and earn interest on it while charging fees even when they take no action. Numerous debt settlement companies have been shut down due looting of client funds and overall failure to provide the promised […]

  6. Debbie Lockard said:

    Although if the IRS has a law to treat loans as income the borrow also has a right to deduct any costs incurred to obtain and the duration of said loan . all expenses paid in procuring income is tax deductable!

  7. Debbie Lockard said:

    lie cheat and steal and even kill to make a buck in the united states is the american way.

  8. Debbie Lockard said:

    oh one more thing, You do not have to pay money back that you borrowed froma bank that never had that money to loan you in the first place. You the borrow did everything right to purchase goods or services. The loan officers and banks are liable for goods and services that they promised you could pay with the credit card they gave you, which in fact was untrue.

  9. Debbie Lockard said:

    in essence technically , borrows never borrowed money. borrows borrowed a piece of plastic that allowed it to steal for the banks and make it look like that bank had money to pay for it. and the irs can not tax a piece of plastic. And The borrow was duped in to a false statement borrow could spend something that is organized to believe is true when in essence it is a dream not of reality

  10. Heather Simpson said:

    Can somebody tell me how to check on my claim against Hess Kennedy? I filed a claim and mailed it to Daniel J. Stermer, Receiver, providing all the paperwork and the full account of all money I sent Hess Kennedy, but I’ve heard not a word.
    Was told would hear by April if there were any funds to cover my claim.
    Has anyone else heard anything?

  11. B. Waldrop said:

    Bad news is that there will evidently be no refunds in April as originally promised. Good (and latest) news is that rather than refunding only pennies on the dollar now, the court has decided to resolve several other pending lawsuits during the remainder of the year and make refunds of much larger amounts ($.80 to $.90 cents on the dollar) by the end of this year. The story goes on…..keep praying.

  12. Robert Sisco said:

    We never received the claim form and had no idea that Hess Kennedy was going through this although we were completely dissatisfied with the services, but my rep. would never return my calls. If we never received the claim for, and we paid around $3000 to them, how is that fair if we aren’t refunded? I just called about a letter we received from a creditor, which should show that I had no idea what was going on!

  13. Alberto Arciniegas said:

    ES una verguenza que en este pais de tanta organizacion y leyes ocurran demoras tan ridiculas como estas para una liquidacion que a todas luces podria estar resuelta en este momento, trabajamos muy duro para salir del problema que ahora es doble pues los acreedores persisten en su cobro.

  14. Kenneth Long said:

    Alberto, I have used a web service to translate your comment to English (not the best translation):
    “It is a shame that in this country and organization of such laws as ridiculous as delays occur for such a closure which clearly could be resolved at this time, we work very hard to leave the problem that is now twice as creditors persist in their collection.”
    Alberto I must agree. It is imperative that regulators resolve this in a timely fashion so that the real victims here can begin to restore their finances.

  15. D Luby said:

    Why are we not being updated by the Attorney General in Florida? We were told April and I, at least, have heard nothing. Not even the results of the lawsuit (in March). In reality, I feel we are entitled to all monies paid that were supposed to go to companies for our debt relief. Why should we only get partial payment? Additionally, why are agencies who had contracted with Hess… still in business such as NetDebt? So, they can continue to rip off more people?

  16. nishant said:

    i paid hess kennendy about $4700. they told me that they have settled my debt. i got a call from a collection agency april end and then i called hess kennedy and came to know about the scam. I was not informed or recieved any mails…what do i do ???

  17. Kenneth Long said:

    You will need to contact the receiver in charge of handling the assets of Hess Kennedy. The phone number is 954-510-7840.

  18. CRYSTAL BOYD said:

    Does anyone know what to do about creditors calling and sending letters concerning debt from Capital One and Household/Orchard Bank? Are ALL Hess Kennedy clients considered FORGIVEN by these companies? I have not heard anything from them. I don’t know what to do. Should I send the debt collectors copies of something that has to do with all of this? I would appreciate any response.

  19. Kenneth Long said:

    Crystal, here are instructions from the Receiver dated November 25, 2008:

    “If you had an account with HSBC that was being serviced by the Receivership Entities, you may be a part of this settlement. Each HSBC customer effected by the settlement will receive a letter from the Receiver approximately during the next two weeks. If you receive a letter confirming your HSBC account was settled and you are the subject of a lawsuit, garnishment or other collection action regarding your HSBC account that was being serviced by the Receivership Entities, please contact the Receiver at or 954-510-7840.”

    While the announcement does not specifically list Capital One, it is our understanding that similar arrangements may apply.

  20. Michael Rawls said:

    I’ve been trying to find out if the Mr. Stermer and his law firm made a settlement to distribute funds from Hess & Kennedy to the clients that they swindled from. I have not heard no responses anymore on the case. I just want to know how long will it be before I hear from anyone about the pending case. If possible, could someone return a response to me by mail: 1955 Angel Tear Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46231, by home phone: (317)377-4169, work phone: (317)217-3286, or by Thank you for your cooperation, Michael Rawls

  21. C Jordan said:

    I see that some people have pending claims with Hess Kennedy/Daniel J Stermer. If you go to and click on active cases, then receiverships and then Laura Hess, you can look at the current status of the case. As of this post, the most recent activity was 5/7/09 which Hess Kennedy was objecting to about 3,000 claims from the submitted 20,000 plus. If you have a claim number, you can check the status of you own case under “proof of claim”. Right now they are expecting to settle and pay out claims in Dec 2009. But who knows…

  22. Rob Roy said:

    Let’s see, $150,000,000 in consumer debt has been forgiven by Capital One, HSBC, and Chase Bank.

    The company settled another $160,000,000 in consumer debt since 2005 and assisted in putting the National Arbitration Forum out of business.

    Hess | Kennedy is still in business providing over 60,000 Debt Management Clients with services and the Receiver is paying themselves over $250,000 in fees every month from the $3,000,000 generated each month from the Debt Management Business.

    Am I missing something here?


    yo tanbien nesecito mi dinero por fraude de la hess kennedy vivo en new york [removed telephone/email for privacy] escrivirme que esta pasando con esa compania debolbera el dinero

  24. Kenneth Long said:


    Aquí está la información en español para las restituciones a la Hess Kennedy.

  25. holly said:

    I was a client of laura hess, through consumer law offices. They Promised to settle credit card debt , set me up with a payment plan wich the autoatically took from my checking account monthly. I was in the program a little over a year, they did not settle a single credit card, my accounts have doubled due to default interest rates and penalty fees. I was not included in the settlement offer due to the credit cards haven been charged off and haven been sent to a collection agency.

    Now what? I am getting letters regarding court action and judgements? what recourse do I have?



  26. Kenneth Long said:

    Dear Holly:

    Your credit card accounts will have charged off once they fall 6 months delinquent. You may wish to check if any of your creditors will forgive a debt that you included with your plan at The Consumer Law Center. Capital One is one creditor that did announce plans to forgive 18,000 such former cardholders. Second, you will want to contact the Receiver and confirm that you are ineligible for any refund. Otherwise, you should be on the list. Finally, get competent legal advice on how to protect yourself from creditors that pursue legal action. They will let you know if bankruptcy is necessary as well as how to proceed.

  27. Deidra Ramirez said:

    I am so frustrated. I just got off the phone and was told my claim has been denied. There has been so much miscommunication and deadlines I was unaware of, I feel like I have been taken advantage of once by Consumer Law Protection and the other by the court’s decision. This is so unfair.

  28. terrie said:

    i would like to know why when i try to look up my case on the page says oooops the link has been broken is there any other way to check my claim status thank you. ps i would like to say that on behalf of daniel j stermer and his staff i feel they have done a wonderful job of keeping me informed on what is going on and i have no issues with them i dont know why those who say they never got notified didnt because i know i got notified by mail and sent in all my information and received my claim number in no time at all they also helped me get some of my money back from hsbc bank after they (hsbc) forced me to pay after they had agreed to forgive the debt…….. thank you daniel j stermer and his wonderful staff hopefuly i can get a refund on some of my 9.000 dollars that i payed consumer protection center that too would help me pay off another collection agency thanks again for everything………

  29. Angie said:

    I contacted (CCCS) a while back about settling my debt. They referred me to Hess Kennedy Company. I signed a contract with them and submitted payments for 1 year. They were to contact my creditors and use that money to negotiate a settlement. I just found out today that it was all a scam. From a website I found out that others like me were referred by CCCS, submitted money, and like me were put off over and over again concerning their account and why it was taking so long. I was even told that they were suing a creditor on my behalf and others due to deceptive trade practices. I did not receive a notice from the receiver and therefore will not be allowed to participate in the court approved distribution. I was told that I would have to hire a private attorney. My credit is ruined, I am out the money I paid them and the balances on my credit cards have escalated during the time that Hess Kennedy was supposed to be representing me. I trusted them because I was referred by CCCS who I thought was a reputable entity.

  30. Leora said:

    I was just reading all the fees the lawyers are claiming for hamdling this mess. And if I read it correctly they are going to get half of what all of us paid Hess. I had been paying them for two years. I had to move in with my Father just so I would not loose everything. One of the creditors I (they) were to be paying off is now subject of a lawsuit, garnishment and or other collection action regarding this mess. And from what I understand for the 10,344.00 I may get the hole sum of 2,500.00 now that is a crime.

  31. Gloria Winfree said:

    I am a client that is waiting for my money that I paid into the legal debt center an now if I understand you right we will be getting or money in December and hard working and elderly have tried to go through a debt company and got taken for my my money and I would appreciate a letter or call about what I did right and clearly the company was wrong and all should be paid for there mistake my claim is 11547 and would like a card or call to this matter and God Bless

  32. ELAINE LORTIE said:


  33. MARY FUI said:

    I’ve waited patiently for months for all this craziness to come to a conclusion and hopefully get back the total amount of money I’ve lost to this company. I put my trust and hard earned monies into this company hoping to get my debts paid/not go to collections but in all reality I was ripped off by them AND NOW I’M GETTING TOTALLY RAPED BY THE COURTS TO ONLY RECEIVE 25% OF THE APPROVED AMOUNT!! I know that I’m not the only person who’s feeling this way and I know that others have put in MUCH MORE than I have but what kind of justice is this? Can someone explain to me why only 25%? Is there something that I can do to recover ALL of my claim?

  34. Brian said:

    I also just found out that I, like everyone else, am only receiving 25% of my original paid funds. I have no idea where all of our money went, maybe to these fraudulent attorneys, but apparently, according to the judge’s ruling, there was just enough money left to allow 25% to be given back to everyone, across the board. 25%! That’s crap! Out of the millions paid to these people and the Judge can’t find where it went?!

    I don’t know of any way to get more back, since you’d have to get a lawyer to fight it again, which of course would cost you probably a lot more than you’d be given back… so basically, we’re screwed!

  35. Kari said:

    I am very “unhappy” about the 25% that my husband and I are receiving back from the receivership. Christmas is coming around the corner, Hess “stole” all of our money to buy presents for our 2 and 3 year old, and our house is almost into foreclosure. 25% of the total be paid to Hess is just not right. Does anyone know whether this is just “part” of what they will give us back or if this the “bottom line.”

  36. Jomara Fontanez said:

    Yo tambien soy cliente de HESS KENNEDY & ASSOCIATES y al igual que muchas personas estuve pagando por mas de 1 ano para acabar con mis deudas hasta que me di cuenta que en realidad todo fue un robo. Me gustaria hablar con alguien sobre mi caso y si es posible tener un telefono en donde pueda contactarme con ustedes sobre lo que va a pasar con mi dinero.

    Translated: I too am a customer of HESS KENNEDY & ASSOCIATES and like many people I was paying for more than 1 year to end my bills until I realized that everything really was a robbery. I would like to talk to someone about my case and if possible have a phone where I can contact you about what will happen to my money.

  37. Kenneth Long said:

    Dear Jomara Fonanez:

    You will need to contact the offices of Louis B Freeman & Partners, Inc. at 954-510-7840. Daniel Stermer is the receiver in charge of disbursing refunds to clients/victims of Hess Kennedy and The Consumer Law Center. Refunds are scheduled to be delivered around December 31, 2009 and are expected to only reimburse 25% of each total claim. For more information, visit Hess Kennedy Receiver.
    En español: Usted tendrá que contactar a las oficinas de Louis B. Freeman & Partners, Inc. al 954-510-7840. Daniel Stermer receptor es el encargado de desembolsar los reembolsos a los clientes / víctimas de Hess Kennedy y el Centro de Derecho del Consumidor. Los reembolsos están programados para ser entregados alrededor de 31 de diciembre 2009 y se espera que sólo se reembolsará el 25% de cada deuda total. Para obtener más información, visite Hess Kennedy Receptor .

  38. jessica said:


  39. patricio said:

    hess kennedy
    son los peores rateros que an robado ala clase trabajadora.
    el 25% es una cachetada de parte del juez a todos nosotros por caer en las garras estos buitres.

    Translated: hess kennedy are the worst thieves who stole from the working class. 25% is a slap from the judge to all of us fall prey to these vultures.

  40. esna sandoval said:

    Yo tambien soy victima de este robo, me dijeron que resibiria un reembolso a partir del 20 de nov 09 y aun no he resivido nada.
    Alguien ya resibio algun cheque, que por fabor publiquen las personas que ya lo resivieron,
    cual es el siguiente paso?????
    he llamado y dicen que todos vamos a resibir el reembolso antes de 31 de dic 09.
    Sera cierto/ o es otro engaNo.

  41. Teresa said:

    Will we really get our money?
    Look at this:
    The company handling the receivership has been closed down.

  42. esna sandoval said:

    OMG! please somebody help us!

  43. Travis Phipps said:

    My wife and I put in 6200 right before this lawsuit occured and she mrs. hess only paid about 2000.00 of debt. She then kept apprx. 4200 of my money!!! We will only get back 804.00! Next time I am in South Florida, I will be take the time go find her.

  44. Travis Phipps said:

    The receivership firm closed?? What??

  45. esna sandoval said:

    Did anybody recieve their money? Please let us know. Thankyou

  46. Betty J. Pierce said:

    I also would like to know what happened to
    our money. This is not fare that she can
    get away with this and all of us are waiting
    for our money and now they say that Daniel J.
    Stermer,Receiver has closed down. What is going
    on. Answer to last question “NO” I have not
    received my money.

  47. Akua Sarpong said:

    So what is the deal? are we getting our money or what? I tried calling to inquire about the status on my case and the phone is disconnected. I never had a case number but submitted my claim form. Somebody, tell me what is going on because december is almost over. Times are really hard right now and i want to know where I stand.

  48. Ana Mae said:

    So what is the deal? Are we getting our money or what? December is almost over and I have not heard anything. I tried calling Stermer’s office and the line is disconnected what? I am so confused somebody please let me know what is going on. Times are hard!

  49. Chris M said:

    The info that I have from Stermer’s office indicates that anyone who had a valid claim approved will receive reimbursement of .25 on the dollar (If you paid $4000, you should receive $1000 in return). All valid and approved claims will be paid on or before December 31.

  50. Ann M. said:

    I think we all are upset,.25 on the dollar(my amount should be 7,890). Now I am suppose to get 1,901, I wondered what we can do about it.

  51. Gary C said:

    Try this number 954 510 7840 and or website

    They are still saying money will be mailed out no later than 12/31/09 on all approved claims

  52. M Fui said:

    So it is now 12/27/09 has anyone even received any type of funds back from them? It sounds as if we’re going to get raped for the 2nd time and not even get a dime back if the website given above is true!

  53. M Fui said:


    At this point, the Receiver has recovered enough monies to refund 25% of valid allowed claim amounts. If further funds are brought into the receivership estate, there may be a second distribution. At this time though, there is no scheduled second distribution.

    You can look up your claim status online by pasting the following link into your browser:

    More information is posted at the Receiver’s website as it becomes available.

    Thank You,

    Stephen Kellogg

    Agent for Daniel J Stermer, Receiver

    for Hess Kennedy Chartered, LLC

    210 North University Drive, Suite 900

    Coral Springs, Florida 33071

    (954) 510-7854 Direct Line

    (954) 510-7840 Operator

    (954) 344-8427 Fax

  54. liz M said:

    I’ve been waiting for my money as my husband lays dieing of cancer.He has past away and I’m still waiting for my money only to fine out that we are receiving only 25%.What a joke….Is Capital One only getting 25%????I had to borrow money from my sister to bury my husband…Still Waiting 12/28/09

  55. liz M said:

    ,I am lizs sister and I feel the lawyers should get the 25% and the people 75%

  56. liz M said:

    I’m Liz’s sister the lawyers should get 25% and the people should get 75%…..

  57. Judy said:

    Does anyone know if we can claim our loss of 75% of monies paid in as a loss on our taxes? I paid in over 18,000.00. Laura Hess ran her own little ponzy scheme, only the people she stole from were not rich. They were honest, hard working people that mostly were effected by the failing economy (I lost two businesses in Michigan) or family health issues. Honest people that wanted to make good on their debts without filing bankruptcy. Even if all moneies were returned, she should have gotten jail time. Good luck to everyone.

  58. Anige Presas said:

    Have not receive my money. Got already overdraft because of it. It already Dec 31 and still no check.

  59. achristian said:

    please explain too me how the judge awarded 54million to the 20,000 victims of this scam & how can we only get 25% back.the judge rotchild awarded on or about sept 29,30 2009. so how does the 54 million work for us. we need to stick together help each otherif we don’t get a check,

  60. Amanda Erdmann said:

    I am still waiting on any money and now it is the 1st of January. I was counting on the money that was awarded to me to help pay off bills and now I am only getting 25% of that. Now what are we to do?

  61. esna sandoval said:

    I m Still waiting for my money too!

  62. liz M said:

    yes, we need to stick together and I want to know were the other 75% went…I would like to know why we had to contact to fine out anything thru the same people who ripe us off in the first place…what happened to the Compos Law firm aren’t they one in the same?????

  63. liz M said:

    How come the big company was well protected and not the common people who were riped off.

  64. windell said:

    i got my settlement check and a check cashing company would not cash it they wanted to hold it until monday to make sure its good iam not going to spend one dime until i know the check has cleared the bank

  65. esna sandoval said:

    OMG! i got my check on saturday BUT no one want to cash my check because they have to check if the ckeck is good .
    so sad :(

  66. Travis Phipps said:


  67. esna sandoval said:

    yes! 5 weeks days!

  68. Steven Falls said:

    I am new to this scam, found out they are doing the same thing to us, what do I need to do?

  69. Travis Phipps said:

    Now, I want the rest of my money!!

  70. Alyssa Seabaugh said:

    This woman surely has a car,a home,business,etc. take that away put her in jail and get us the rest of the money this thief has taken.The legal system doesn’t have any problem coming after anyone else who breaks the law,why is she above it?

  71. Louisa Antoine said:

    I am a poor woman in my fiftys i trusted these people to go to my checking account to take out $220.00 every month and she wanted it to be on time i stay with out food on my table to pay that money the total amount i pay was $1.570.00 it was hard for me but i think was a goog it came out to be a bigmistake in all i only get back $289.36 and i am mad i cannot ketch my self am hut so bad i dont have money in the bank and am out of a job lora hess put a blockage in my life i cannot get over it i work very had for my money her punishment is not enough she should rot in jail i need some more money from her.this is not enough out of $1.570 then she is thinking she win the fight that is not her money she should pay the big price for her crime having people trust in her saying all the good things she and her staff to get you in and when you get in she laugh behined your back and saying i got another one in my trap.

  72. Louisa Antoine said:

    i need soe more money before i go crazy i need to by my meds please give Hess the ful punishement let she pay the price she did the crime let she do the time she should pay back every penney that she collect from every one to every one bad .bad. bad Hess please let her see that she not above the law she should know better because she practis law she is a bad lawyer disonist,and should never practis law in her life never againoh i could see she is laughing her face off saying i got them all but there is a god she will get it what ever in store she get of from men but not from god. and the lord be with her

  73. Louisa said:

    I will like to be heard to the money that i received it is not enough i payed 1.570 and only received 289.36 i stay with out food to pay Hess and that what i get back that judgement is not fair that woman should get the punish of the law because she know the law she get all the privillage to strike again but an saying to all victims out their do not trust any of this socal creditors all are the same they will strike again but will not get me the judge letting them out esay no had punishment so will strike again?

  74. michael kelly mack said:

    i paid 2,000 american iand got back 190.00

  75. Amanda Erdmann said:

    Is there any way to claim our lose on our taxes? To atleast make up some of the difference?

  76. Ray and Aline Yates said:

    Today .is January 26 2010.Whats going on.Tell us our money coming,and lies.After we all lost the money,for those fraud lawyers,ruining people creadid.They are in court,lets them get away from.Thats not wright and fair for the aunist people going thru.

  77. Janice said:

    does anyone know if we can claim the 75% loss on our taxes and how do we do this?????

  78. jan grooms said:

    Lousia, I’am 70 and for 3 years this person took 377.oo dollars out of my SS check and only had 300. left to live on and they wanted to take out more. I paid 9,425.00 and all they sent me was 2300. that’s is bull it’s like they took 7000.00 of my money and pay off other people ,that is not right and I’am P—-d I did not agree on this amount or any calls or letters about this until I got on the web site and found out from comments that I was only getting 25% and then checking the web site. If I cash the check it will look like I’am agreeing and once again we are being screwed and I need that money. last time I spoke with someone there they tried to take 837.00 more and I stopped that with info I sent to the lawyer, cause the one credit card sent me a 1099 in 08 before they were supposed to so, I got that back and I was told at that time I would get all my money,Still out 7000.00. that sucks.

  79. S. Meyers said:

    I Just received my first of four installments of what is called the proposed payment plan to return monies for a consumer debt consolidation of fraudulant matters. Money I paid out was never paid off to any of the creditors. No guarantee will be made for the other installment checks the letter states. Waiting to see if the check received from the Receiver will clear in the first place.Is it real? I am unemployed through lay off and this is my money.
    I do feel for people out of work, lost their homes and child support etc. has been stolen from every single person who entered this awful mess.
    Good luck to each and everyone of you. Fill out the forms and file the civil lawsuit sheets no matter how much money is owed to you. It only cost $.42-$5.00 to send in.

  80. Allegro Seized by Alabama Attorney General-Credit and Debt Blog said:

    […] similar seizure was made in the Hess Kennedy debt settlement scheme back in late 2008. Those client received their refunds the first week of […]

  81. Robert said:

    My name is Robert,I’ve been doing bussiness with Hess Kennedy for about 3 years.I’ve had over $11,000 taken out of my cheeking account.I just found out about Hess Kennedy.I need HELP to find out what to do now.Someone.PLEASE call in California at 707 718 0613.THANKS EVERYONE

  82. Robert said:

    This is along with 81.PLEASE,will someone either call me in California at 707 718 0613 or e-mail me at

  83. Laura Norman said:

    I still have not heard anything since August 2009 and no check yet!!

  84. Kenneth Long said:

    Dear Laura:

    You need to contact the court appointed receiver to request an explanation. All claims were to be paid by December 31, 2009.

  85. Michelle said:

    I was actually was convinced by a Consumer Law Center employee to stay with their firm because I was so close to settlement. Unbeknown to me they were already under investigation. I received no notification, but just so happened to call for an update and was told I was too late to file a claim. I appealed and a very rude, insensitive person told me that under the law in Florida if the mail wasn’t returned then it is assumed delivered so they kept my money. Even through I sent all the proof. They breached the contract and stole my money and I came out the bad guy. How the heck did that happen?? Can we not file in the small claims court for our monies???

  86. Jarandalee Adorno said:

    I too was robbed by Hess Kennedy. I received only $1500 from the $6000 that I paid to them!! I am trying to figure out if I am able to claim the rest as a loss on my taxes. I tried calling Mr. Stermer’s office and they stated that they were not able to help me with any tax questions!! Are you serious?!? Does anyone know if we can claim it? If so, how do I do that? I see that many others are asking the same question. Oh one more thing, I read online that Capital Once forgave the debt for the ones that were on the program but I am still receiving collection notices for my capital one debt. Does anyone have the number to call them?

  87. Willie Edwards said:

    I also was robbed by Hess Kennedy and would like to more money, I didnt get half of what I put in, and because of them I am in deeper trouble, I need help.

  88. Hopeless said:

    We were also got robbed by this Hess Kennedy, whom claims to help people in need. We paid over $2000.00 into our account and expect to get $440.00 back but so far we have not receive a check.

    My husband lost his business due to the down size of our economic. My oldest is ill with Psoriasis, canot work or go to school. My younger is a senior in high and expect to go to a 4 yrs school.

    I am the only one with income and we are behind on our bills and we live from pay check to pay check.

    Now, my son will not be able to go to a 4 yrs school because we can not afford it.

    This Kennedy lady need pay for scaming the poor. She needs to be jail for life and pay back every penny she took from the poor.

    Today is May 26, 2010 and we still have not receive our BIG share of $440.00.

  89. Joyce Cobb said:

    I paid Hess Kennedy from Nov 28, 2006 until Sept 28, 2007 over $900 a month….I just went to court with AT&T aka Citibank…I lost now I owe them over $13,000….I am on SSI.. thanks Laura

  90. Karen Vanhook said:

    I contacted my state’s Department of Justice(Consumer Protection) and got help. Good luck everyone.

  91. michael behrendt said:

    I beleive laura and Judge Rothschild were in it together, living on a beach somewhere out of the country now. I lost 4’000 in their scam. 3’rd time being ripped off by Florida companies so I will never do any business there again. No vacation either. I hope the whole state goes under water. I am going to contact my states department of justice to see if anything can be done. 2 credit card companies are after me now for debts that Laura was supposed to settle, my credit score is 570 now.

  92. Tino hernandez said:

    i was looking for someone to help consolidate my bills because i was have a hard time. Who can you trust???????????????? is there any good people out anymore

  93. Kenneth Long said:

    A good rule of thumb is not to trust those who contact you. They are at best a for-profit company looking to profit from your situation. At worst, you could be the next victim of a debt relief scam or identity theft. A good Better Business Bureau rating is not foolproof, but it is a good start. If they don’t have a good BBB rating, avoid them.

  94. g cannata said:

    For your information, one of the attorneys from Hess Kenndy, Lee Stern, is running the same scam out of Boca Raton. Go after him.

  95. T. Fleming said:

    Hess should be permanently barred from practicing law. Five years is hardly a punishment for someone who set out out to lie, cheat, and steal from people in need. A curse on her and everyone who worked for Hess Kennedy.

  96. D. Stermer said:

    I am shocked that Daniel Stermer the Receiver can lie to the court telling the court that the company is insolvent but then pay his consulting firm DSI over $100,000 this month.

    Why are you lawyers not questioning this?

  97. Christa Weber said:

    I found out about the scam going on about two years into paying $400+ a month which was directly coming out of my checking account. I was involved with The Campos Law Firm in New York. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was told this was safe and that all four of my creditors were going to be a debt settlement over a 3 year period. Come to find out, they never paid any of them one dime. Now I have pending lawsuits against me and two liens on my house due to this matter. I am not rich. I have three small children, recently out of a job for the last 10 mos. due to breast cancer, five unexpected surgeries, chemo treatment, bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction on top of the other debt since this occured before my recent illness. This is absurd! They took all of us for a ride for sure! Laura Hess only gets a “slap on the wrist?” What about jail time? Disbarred for life? Unreal. I paid out a total of $5,000 over the course of two years and only received $1,200 in return. I paid this to their firm in good faith trying to avoid a bankruptcy. I have recently had no other choice but to file bankruptcy now. The whole thing I was trying to avoid in the first place! I am so angry about this! I will never know how these crooks get away with it?

  98. Melanie Wilson said:

    I have also been scammed recently by the company Hess Kennedy Chartered, out of NEW YORK. I started a dept management program 32 months ago, under a different name, The Achievable. This company, The Achievable, switched names to Hess Kennedy Chartered several months ago. They no longer sent out payment statements and started skipping the payments to my credit companies, all the while still taking the money electronically from my checking account. I filed complaints with the BBB and called the customer service dept. DAILY at Hess Kennedy Chartered, in NEW YORK, with NO HELP. I started calling my creditors direct, and also making the payments to them. Hess Kennedy CONTINUED to take money from my checking account making me further in debt. The BBB responded that they would not be able to help in my situation because their case had been closed in FLORIDA, but I am in OHIO, dealing with the company who’s primary address is in NEW YORK. Anyone have a clue how I could get help now?

  99. Martha A Valle said:

    Hello I,m trying to go to but i dont know what hapen’s it take’s me to another page I need to find out aboult my claim # 19923 i had not got any response where can i go for that claim what Web page.

  100. Kenneth Long said:

    Dear Martha:

    The site has been released by the court appointed receiver now that their assignment by the court has concluded. You may need to contact the Law Offices of Daniel J. Stermer directly to inquire about your unpaid claim.

  101. Donna Stacey said:

    I too was a client of The Consumer Law Center. And I too was scammed. I went to the website last night to see if I could find out when I would see another disbursement but nothing. When will this be settled? They had no problem taking my money but I have to wait to get it back. Its time for results. As far as Laura Hess goes, she should go to prison for a very long time!

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